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Learning Materials

Lesson preparation made easy for Instructors

At Gaba we develop our own learning materials. We design and produce lessons specifically for the one-to-one system, incorporating direct feedback from clients. Instructors, too, are instrumental in the ongoing process of addition and revision of content.

We subscribe to the “Communicative Language Teaching” theory (CLT). The goal is communication, so emphasis is placed on fluency and building confidence while improving accuracy. It’s all about how to use language like a native speaker, not just learning grammar or memorizing phrases. Therefore, the materials focus on language in context; in our lessons, clients must accomplish specific tasks, such as ordering in a restaurant, or disagreeing with someone’s opinion.

Regardless of level or target language, all lessons follow a similar progression. This greatly benefits instructors as lesson preparation is simplified. Once familiar with the pattern, planning becomes more a matter of reviewing the client’s profile than checking the lesson’s content. Knowing the client, instructors can then adapt the exercises to better meet study goals and preferences. This is the essence of customization.

Below is a listing of our various materials. All of the materials come with online instructor versions offering teaching support and ideas for improving the lesson. For more details on the actual lesson flow, please visit the Our Approach page.

Snapshots New

Snapshots New is our daily conversation series to help clients socialize and interact in natural conversations with native speakers

Business Advantage

Business Advantage is for our clients who are studying English primarily to meet their professional goals. Business Advantage places an equal emphasis on both formal language (for interacting with customers and superiors) as well as more casual language (for colleagues and close acquaintances).


The Travel series is a short series for low-level clients who are planning to travel to foreign countries.


The Starter series is for clients with limited confidence or experience studying English. It focuses on using basic words and phrases to communicate in everyday situations.

Snapshots teens

Snapshots teens is our daily conversation series to help younger clients socialize and interact in natural conversations with native speakers, in situations relevant to a junior high or high school student.

Specialized Business

Specialized Business is a short series of lessons to help business clients build specific skills such as conducting and attending meetings, giving a presentation, or negotiating.


Our Discussion series was made to help clients utilize the language and skills they have developed in guided conversations.


Shortcuts are specialized units to help clients talk in greater detail about topics of special interest to them or relevant to their particular professions

Gaba Seminars

In addition to our regular learning materials, Gaba also has a variety of seminars for clients to utilize and enhance their language skills while participating in group activities. Seminar topics range from professional development such as preparing for language proficiency tests, to less specific goals such as effectively socializing with friends.

Gaba kids

Children taking one-to-one lessons at Gaba use Oxford University Press’ Everybody Up, a series dedicated to teaching children to communicate in everyday situations relevant to young learners

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