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Gaba Certification

Gaba provides the skills needed to be successful with even our most demanding clients

Whether you are new to teaching English in Japan or a veteran instructor, Gaba’s methodology, proprietary teaching materials, and commitment to providing customized lessons all take some getting used to. Comprehensive certification is offered to ensure that all new instructors have a chance to reach their full potential. In addition, opportunities for further development are available through a variety of ongoing certification.

Certification is provided by a dedicated team. They have helped generations of instructors to succeed and all their experience has been brought to bear in the programs they have designed. To ensure the content is current and will immediately benefit instructors, Certification Team staff regularly venture to the Learning Studios to both observe and teach lessons. Furthermore, instructors’ feedback is collected after most forms of certification and new ideas are frequently incorporated.

At present, Instructor Certification has three primary programs, with an additional program of specialized courses for instructors looking to expand their skills beyond Gaba’s core service. Click below for additional information on each of the Initial, Follow-up, and Developmental Certification programs.

Initial Certificationbefore you start

Follow-up Certificationmoving on from the basics

Developmental Certificationfocus on specific areas in detail

Specialized Certificationnew lessons types

Initial Certification

This three-day program is about instilling the fundamentals of teaching as they apply to Gaba. All new instructors participate in it prior to venturing to the Learning Studio. A blend of online exercises and interactive teaching simulations, Initial Certification teaches the Gaba Method, introduces the learning materials and web systems, and prepares new instructors for the variety of clients to be expected. The program is capped off over the new instructor’s first week at his or her studio. This On-the-job Certification (“OJC”) fits neatly into the schedule and permits the instructor to begin teaching at the same time.

Follow-up Certification

A new instructor’s first few months are all important in determining his or her ultimate success. That is why we offer two cycles of supportive Follow-up Certification to reinforce the foundation skills laid out during Initial Certification. Each cycle involves a 40 minute tutorial at the studio with the Instructor Support Leader (“ISL”) and a separate day’s certification to build upon teaching fundamentals. This is also a great opportunity to share experiences with other new instructors. Surveys are incorporated to get instructor feedback on Gaba and hear recommendations for improvement.

Developmental Certification

Good instructors recognize that there is always more to learn. Developmental Certification offers new teaching techniques to enhance skills sets. This program consists of a number of regular monthly Workshops completed in a day and covering a different teaching-related topic. Instructors can choose Workshops most applicable to them and the needs of their clients. This third program is wholly optional and available to all at any point in their time as a Gaba Instructor. Improved teaching skills means more satisfied clients and more lessons overall.

Specialized Certifications

In addition to the three core certification programs already detailed, there is additional certification available for those who would like to diversify their teaching schedules.

Gaba Kids Certification

Teaching children – even one-to-one – requires extra energy and quick reflexes, both mental and physical. The teaching materials, lesson flow, and activities are naturally unique to this program. While not necessarily for everyone, teaching children can be a real joy. Like the lessons themselves, the certification is up tempo and interactive. Offered every month, it is a day during which new initiates learn how to keep our youngest clients engaged and the parents satisfied. Many of the techniques are applicable in adult lessons too!

First Meeting (FM) Certification

Potential clients take a trial lesson to determine whether or not they would like to join Gaba. These FMs are conducted by full-time sales staff or specially certified instructors. The time allotted for an FM is the same as any other lesson, but in just 40 minutes there is the need to assess the client’s level and establish a course of study. Successful FM instructors not only teach effectively but team up well with our Japanese counseling staff. The certification program is graduated. Instructors complete FM A and the associated follow-up session. There is then FM B certification which introduces more advanced sales techniques. Sales professionals are subject to ups and downs; the certification team and studio staff are on hand to ensure continued success. The follow-up offered after both FM A and FM B is customized based on the instructor’s performance. The incentive earned for each successful FM increases upon graduating from FM A to FM B.

Learning Progress Assessment (LPA) Certification

Clients complete an LPA to determine whether they are ready to move on to the next level. These assessments are conducted by specially certified instructors. Objectivity is important; not all clients are ready to change levels and appropriate study advice must be provided. LPA certification is offered monthly for instructors with a keen awareness of clients’ strengths and weaknesses. During the session, instructors gain a deeper understanding of Gaba’s leveling system and what a client needs to be able to accomplish at each level. Also, the LPA procedure is thoroughly explained and rehearsed.

Corporate Off-site Certification

A growing segment of Gaba’s business is lessons delivered at various corporate offices around Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Teaching business professionals on their own turf is a uniquely challenging form of instruction. Not only are expectations high and the lessons outside the supportive Learning Studio environment, Corporate Off-site is the one exception to our one-to-one policy. Indeed, lessons can be and often are with small groups of clients. The Group Core Skills Workshop each month provides the techniques necessary to instruct our corporate clients. Whether the lessons are one-to-one or group, instructors learn to effectively customize the teaching materials and navigate the sometimes complex Japanese corporate environment.

First Lesson (FL) Certification

New clients taking their first lesson need a bit of extra care and attention to set their Gaba experience off on the right foot. The First Lesson is the first official Gaba lesson the client takes after joining Gaba, and the First Lesson Certification provides Instructors with the skills needed for this most important lesson. Checking and setting client’s preferences, guiding the client through their first unit of Gaba curriculum and ensuring the client understands all the support and materials available to them are key components of this certification.

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