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Beppu Hot Springs, Oita
Yatai Stalls, Fukuoka
Momochihama Beach, Fukuoka

Cities in Kyushu

Shimonoseki, Japan Skyline


Fukuoka is the largest city on the Island of Kyushu, and center of the largest metropolitan region west of Osaka. Due to its proximity to mainland Asia, Fukuoka has a history of being a gateway between Japan and her neighbors – Fukuoka is twice as close to Seoul than it is to Tokyo! The city is modern and well connected, with the nearby airport and the modern subway system making getting around really easy. Due to its size, Fukuoka is much more manageable than the vast capital Tokyo, but still has plenty to offer in terms of retail, great food, and quality of life. The city is a great base for exploring Kyushu, famous for its onsen and volcanic mountains.

Getting Around Kyushu


Rail is the most popular method of public transportation in urban areas of Japan. We have provided links to the major train and subway/metro networks for the Fukuoka region. In addition, the Nishitetsu private railway links Fukuoka to Omuta to the south.

JR Kyushu logo
JR Kyushu Railway
Fukuoka subway logo
Fukuoka City Subway

Smart Cards and Commuter Passes

Kyushu has its own smart card system. A single card can be used for trains, subways/metro, buses, and even convenience stores. You can purchase a card at a ticket machine at any train station. Likewise, you can recharge the card at any point. For frequent trips between two stops like home and the Learning Studio, the card can be upgraded to serve as your commuter pass.

* Not all public transportation will accept the smart card. It is always best to carry some change in case the smart card is not accepted.

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Sugoca (Japanese site)
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Nimoca (Japanese site)
Image of a card

Housing in Kyushu

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