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September 24, 2019

Now Recruiting for Hiroshima

Living in Hiroshima or the surrounding area?

We are delighted to announce that Gaba is now recruiting for our latest studio in Hiroshima!

With learning studios established in most areas of Japan, Hiroshima Learning Studio marks Gaba’s first location in the Chugoku region. The learning studio is located in the heart of the business district and only a few minutes walk from Hatchobori station, allowing for easy access from train and tram routes.

We are extremely excited about finding great new Instructors to join our team and develop this exciting, new location. If you are living nearby, have a valid visa to work in Japan, and would like to know more about teaching as a 1-to-1 Instructor with Gaba, as well as our companies career progression opportunities, please get in touch!

We look forward to receiving your application below!

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