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Housing in Kyushu

Below is a list of housing companies in Fukuoka city who have English speaking staff. A discount for Gaba Instructors may be available.

Irodori Factory

Room Type/s
  • Share Rooms
  • Single Rooms
Initial Cost
  • Fire Insurance 5,430 yen
  • 1st month’s rent
Special Offer for Gaba Instructors?
  • Discount and Free gift: 1x futon set (for Gaba instructors only)
Other Information
  • 15 locations with 400+ furnished share-house rooms in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kyoto and Fukuoka, (Osaka under development)
  • Designer facility with fun common space (theater room, large kitchen, bar counter, darts machine, bouldering wall ,yoga meditation room, games room etc)
  • Monthly international party
  • No key money or guarantor fees; simple reservation process
  • Multilingual staff and house managers to assist you from room search to move-in.

Leo Palace 21

Room Type/s
  • Furnished Apartment
  • Unfurnished Apartment
Initial Cost
  • Deposit
  • Key Money
  • Guarantor fee
  • Key charge fee
Special Offer for Gaba Instructors?
  • ¥20,000 discount from initial cost (ID GABA Password:INSTRUCTOR)
Other Information
  • More than 550,000 apartments across all of Japan
  • Furnished apartments
  • English support provided
  • Students are eligible for Student Discount Plan

Usually, Initial costs include the first month’s rent.

Note: The estimated costs above are to help estimate your initial costs, but housing provider’s policies are subject to change. Terminology and price for initial costs may also vary. Most fees are non-refundable, however some companies do have a partial return policy for deposits. Please inquire with your housing provider directly for more detailed information.

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